Agua Viva:  Children Helping Children


Several years ago, an earthqualke in Guatemala City, a city surrounded by volcanoes, left over 20,000 people dead.  Many of the children were orphaned, many people sick.  A doctor form the United States went to help these people.  He convinced a missionary to go to Guatemala and later start a home for children.  It is not supported by any one church (non-denominational) and relies only on money from people who have a burden to hep children.


In the past, Trinity Christian Academy has donated monetary gifts to help these children.  In fact, our money helped them to build a two story school building.  This year each elementary class has been asked to raise $13 to cover the cost of one book to donate to their new library.


Please encourag your child to donate coins to this charity.  There is no contest and the only rewards given are those stored in heaven.  Help your child to develop a sense of compassion.


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