TCA uses the traditional academic school calendar of thirty-six weeks, divided into four quarters, with two quarters making up a semester. The Christian curriculum series from Bob Jones University Press is used for all subjects. We recognize the fundamental importance of integrating biblical world view across the curriculum in addition to studying the Bible, which is a required subject at all grade levels.  If you have any additional questions regarding the curriculum being used, please feel free to contact our Elementary Curriculum Specialist at (386) 789-4515 x153

Required Documents

To enroll in our Kindergarten Program, please email the following documents to

  • Proof of citizenship or legal status in the US
  • State or Government issued ID
  • Most recent School Entry Physical Exam ( DH Form 4030)
  • Updated Florida Shots record from your pediatricians office
  • Copy of Last VPK Assessment (if student attended a VPK program)
  • Copy of IEP, 504 plan or psychological evaluation (if applicable)
  • Copy of award letter if the following scholarships have been awarded: Florida Tax Credit, Florida Empowerment, and Hope


  1. Once the records are received, our admissions office will provide a link to schedule placement testing.
    Your appointment for testing can be scheduled and paid for through a special link that will be sent to you once the records are received. There is an admission testing fee which is non-refundable.
  2. Documents and test results will be evaluated by Administration for admission.
  3. Notification of admission determination is given.
  4. Finalize registration.
    Upon acceptance, a link will be provided to complete registration forms and make a registration fee payment (non-refundable). If you have applied and been awarded one of the scholarships we accept (Florida Tax Credit, Florida Empowerment, and Hope) after submitting initial documents above, please provide a copy of the award letter to our Business office at businessoffice@tcadeltona.comPlease note that an updated shot record and school entry physical dated within one year of applying is required before the student can start school.
  5. Our Business office will discuss admission and tuition fees and indicate when they are due.  Final documents must be submitted and admissions fees paid in order to start school.
  6. Our Business office will discuss admissions fees when you register and indicate the date your admissions fees and tuition payment is due. Final documents must be submitted and admissions fees paid in order to start school.

Need help?

If you have any further questions or if we can be of further assistance to you, please contact our Admissions Office at (386) 789-4515 x156. Documents for initial review can be submitted via email to

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