A Message From the Resource Department

What we can do to help...

Trinity’s Resource Department is a special program dedicated to meeting the needs of our exceptional learners. Here at Trinity we want students to receive the best education they deserve. Through our resource department, students will become more successful in the classroom and have more confidence in their abilities. Once enrolled in the resource program, an Academic Improvement Plan (AIP) is created for each student. Parents must attend an AIP meeting at least once a year to review student’s progress. The goals for academic achievement and functional performance set for each student are the core of the AIP. The AIP team (which includes parents) develops academic and functional goals based on student’s present level of performance. Reports from the parent(s) and the teachers, as well as evaluations and performance on standardized testing, provide the basis for deciding areas to focus on for each student. Students in middle and high school are included in developing these goals, as well. Once goals are established, researched based interventions are chosen based on individual needs. Due to the extra expense incurred to provide these services, parents will be charged $1,000 annually over and above tuition. Parents of students with McKay scholarships need to be aware that they still need to re-enroll each year.


Giselle Bory-Santos 

MS/HS Resource ESE Teacher



Roseanna Cary

MS/HS Resource ESE



Carol Sutton 

Elementary Resource ESE Teacher



Cheryl Danilla

Elementary Resource ESE