K2-K3 Teacher

Job Description

 Trinity Christian Academy is seeking dependable, caring, team oriented childcare professional to take care of and educates students around two to three years old. Preschool teachers are responsible for the early education of children in their care. Candidates must enjoy working with preschool aged children, be able to communicate effectively with parents, faculty and staff, and be able to adhere to state, federal, and school guidelines. 

Duties of Preschool Teachers include developing and delivering interactive learning programs designed to engage and educate young children. 

  • Establish and enforce rules of behavior for children in their classrooms 
  • Provide basic needs for children 
  • Provide tools and resources for children to use and explore during learning and play activities 
  • Adapt teaching methods and materials to meet the interests and learning styles of children 
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with children and parents 
  • Manage classroom activities including lessons, play, breaks and meals 
  • Attend and engage in regularly scheduled staff meetings and occasional engage in parent participation events and other events that may be on nights and/or weekends 
  • Maintain a professional self-image and project the values of the organization at all times 

This position is a year-round full-time position typically working 7:30am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday. Teachers have various holidays and winter breaks, plus vacation. 


  • Main duties include teaching children about basic fundamentals, like numbers, colors, and shapes 
  • Helping children build their social skills 
  • Meet with colleagues to coordinate lesson plans and work with specific subjects of expertise 
  • Hold one-on-one conferences with students to keep them on track as necessary 
  • Meet with parents or guardians to discuss students’ academic progress, remedial issues and behavior problems when necessary 


  •  Must be a Christian and actively attending a local church. 
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred 
  • Previous teaching experience preferred 
  • Have completed 45 hours of Department of Children and Families child care training. 
  • Must have or obtain one of the following within the last 5 years: Child Development Associate Degree (CDA), Florida Child Care Professional Certificate (FCCPC) or an Associates degree or higher in Early Childhood Development. 
  • Salaried employee 
  • Work Hours – Monday through Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm 

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