Students who have received any exceptional educational services in the past, such as IEP/504's/Service Plans, must submit full applications and current ESE documents for an extensive review by the ESE Director.  Final decision concerning acceptance into our school will be delayed until all current documents requested by the ESE Director have been received. While it is our desire to admit and service every student who applies, our resources and personnel limit the type and amount of services we can render.  Therefore, the following is an explanation of the limits of our program.  TCA only accepts those students who are ambulatory with no severe motor-control dysfunctions, including toileting.  Depending on severity, hearing or vision impaired students may not be accepted.  Students must have average intelligence with no emotional disorders or limited intellectual functions (such as Autism, Aspergers, Down's syndrome, etc.).  Academically, students must be able to read no more than two years behind their peers. Students must be able to work independently in the regular education setting with minimal assistance from the regular education teacher and require no more than 225 minutes of exceptional educational services rendered by specially trained personal as listed on back of IEP.