TCA is dedicated to ensuring that students are prepared for the real world upon graduation.  In addition to Elementary and Middle School Computers, TCA offers 3 different High School Computer Classes: Computers for College/Careers, Web Design, and Business Computer Programming.

Elementary and Middle School Computers focus on the basics, such as keyboarding, mouse using, navigating a basic Windows 10 or MacOS operating system, and the rarely talked about internet safety and digital citizenship that are so needed in today's world.

Computers for College/Careers focuses on preparing students for computer usage in college and in the workplace.  They learn how to use the Microsoft Office Suite, using curriculum provided by Microsoft.  They also learn to use collaboration cloud-based services such as G-Suite and iWork for iCloud.

Web Design focuses on using Photoshop to create material needed for businesses, such as business cards, logos, magazine ads, and billboards, as well as using HTML Code to build a basic website.

Business Computer Programming focuses on learning Swift Coding Language as well as learning about the hardware of computers and how to build them.

Teachers of all subjects also encourage students to use technology for homework and classwork.  Several teachers use Google Classroom to have their students complete bellwork on their phone.


Web Design Projects


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